welcome to meredith’s writing blog

typewriterimageIf you’re looking for information on Boston area writer and journalism educator Meredith O’Brien, you’ve come to the right place.

Please feel free to look through some of my articles, books and educational experiences.

I’ll be posting updates on my new publishing and teaching endeavors here as they occur.

Until then, I’m off to tend to my two bickering rescue dogs and getting ready for the next Red Sox season.

The main image for this web site is from the Hess Collection, of Leopoldo Maler’s burning typewriter. I have a thing for typewriters.

One thought on “welcome to meredith’s writing blog

  1. Well let us just start out by telling you welcome to WordPress! We love seeing new WordPress users everyday! We just want to tell you that whatever you do, don’t stop blogging or give up on your blog. You can’t compare someone’s Chapter 20 (20 years) to your Chapter 1 (1st year). We all started where you once were, and you just got to do the little things everyday. It was nice reading your first post about being a writer and liking the Red Socks and all! And we can’t wait to see what you’re blog will grow to be!


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